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Northern Express
12oz Whole Bean Coffee


Nutty & Sweet

Tasting Notes: Sweet Chocolate, Almond, Berry

This is an extremely rare coffee from the Island of Flores, Indonesia. The coffee offers earthy, mouth-filling coffee with pronounced aromatics of tobacco and exotic earth notes, with a sturdy and full body. This coffee balances beautifully in the cup.

Indonesia is home to the first commercial coffee plantations in the world. Although Indonesia is still a major producer of Robusta beans, these beans are 100% Arabica. Indonesian Arabica beans are traditionally strong, complex flavored, with a syrup quality and often a balanced acidity.

Freshness Guaranteed: Our 100% Arabica beans are roasted and shipped within 24 business hours of your order, so you receive the freshest possible coffee directly to your door, time after time. You’ll never buy off the shelf again!

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