Five Mistakes To Making Your Morning Coffee

We want you to get the most out of your fresh coffee beans each and every time. Below are five common mistakes when making your morning coffee. Follow these tips and take your morning coffee to new heights.

1. Using tap or unfiltered water

A cup of coffee contains 89% water. If you only drink filtered water from a Brita, then use filtered water from a Brita to make your coffee. If your tap water tastes gross, chances are your coffee will taste just as bad. Cold, filtered water is your best bet.

2. Storing coffee beans in the freezer

Coffee should be stored in a cool, dry place and away from the moisture of the freezer. You also want to prevent light, heat and air being exposed to your fresh coffee beans.

3. Not using enough coffee per cup

Most people eyeball coffee quantities and probably underestimating the amount of coffee per cup. Don’t be frugal and try to stretch a bag of coffee as far as possible. The result of less coffee makes a bitter and watery cup. Use two rounded tablespoon per six ounces of water to make your coffee. If you want weaker coffee, it’s better to add hot water than to use less beans.

4. Using the wrong grind

It’s all too common that people use the wrong grind to make their coffee. From French Press to espresso machine, each brew method requires a different grind. A coffee press requires a coarser grind like bread crumbs, where an espresso is a finer grind, looking like powdered sugar.

5. Using too much coffee

If you think adding more beans to your coffee is best, you’re wrong. Using too many grounds results in under-extraction and a bad flavor.

Do you have other tips for making the perfect coffee? Share them with us below!

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