AeroCase: The Ultimate AeroPress Travel Bag

It's no secret that our favorite brewing method is with the Aerobie AeroPress. It makes a perfect cup of coffee every time and you can easily take it with you wherever your adventures go.

A few weeks ago we came across this awesome new travel bag for the AeroPress, called the AeroCase. Made by Torbah, the case is made from 100% Genuine Leather and Martinex Waxed Canvas, giving you the ultimate durable and waterproof travel bag for the AeroPress.

We caught up with Torbah to find out more about their exciting AeroCase, which is currently on pre-sale on Torbah's website HERE.

What is Torbah?

As a name Torbah comes from the Bulgarian word for bag - Torba. I was born in Bulgaria and didn’t move to US until I was 10. I am very proud of my heritage and I wanted to show that in the name of the brand. 

As a brand, Torbah specializes in producing high quality accessories that are rugged enough to handle the outdoors while remaining stylish enough to look good in any setting.

Why is the AeroPress so important?

I first discovered the AeroPress while reviewing it for a previous project I was involved in. You can say it was love at first sip. I love everything about it, the minimalistic design, the simplicity, the flavor of the coffee, the ruggedness, it’s all genius. I also tend to be fascinated by simple things that you can experiment with and perfect over time. The AeroPress makes that extremely easy for coffee. Use slightly hotter water and it can completely change the flavor profile of your coffee, that’s not something you can do with many other brew methods.

What is your morning coffee routine?

I am a big believer in incorporating things from old cultures into your life, the idea being that they have had a lot of time for trial and error and when the whole culture does something, well there is probably a good reason for it. As far as my morning coffee routine I concerned I looked to the Italians. A nice cappuccino with thick foam…but never after 11am. Then it’s black coffee time.

Do you have a special AeroPress brew method? Inverted?

Yeah, I use the inverted method, I just find it much easier. When I would brew using the right side up method I would always get leakage before I was able to set the plunger on top. I just think you have a lot more control with the inverted method. I have a very simple recipe that I use every day that is just as easy to follow on the trail as it is in your kitchen.

How many cups of coffee do you drink each day?

This is a very tough question to answer. I tend to have another cup of coffee after my morning cappuccino, then another one while I work and maybe another one or two in the afternoon around 3pm and 5pm. I love to sit down in the afternoon with an espresso and a small cookie, it’s a very enjoyable part of my routine.

How do you drink your coffee? (black, sugar, cream, etc).

Except for my morning cappuccino I am a black coffee drinker. I like the taste of coffee, so for me the sugar just ruins it.

What equipment do you use for brewing coffee outdoors?

I always have my AeroPress with me when I go camping or backpacking, there is just no better way to make coffee outdoors. Other than that I carry a small camp stove and gas canister and I use either an enamel mug or some sort of pot to boil water. I have been wanting to try out the Biolite stove though instead of the gas one I use now.

Why do you love coffee so much?

Like I said earlier I love simple things that if you wanted to you could begin to really focus in on the details and perfect. It’s the same reason why I love beer so much, if you wanted to you could be painfully simple about it, but you can also get so lost within all the small details while experimenting. There are just so many possibilities.

What do you look for when buying coffee?

I tend to stick to dark roasts and I’ve always enjoyed a citric note, or something very full bodied like a tobacco. I feel like those flavor profiles are on completely different sides of the spectrum…oh well.

What’s the last adventure you went on?

A couple of months ago some buddies and I went down to the Blue Ridge Parkway to take pictures of the first Torbah AeroCase prototype - the Mach 1. We stayed in a cabin in the mountains and hiked every day. It was an awesome experience. The Parkway was actually closed because of the bad weather they had just gotten there but on one of our hikes we were able to find a cliff that we climbed and when we reached the top we found ourselves on the Parkway, which was closed, so we had it all to ourselves. It was an amazing day!

What’s in store for Torbah in the future?

In the future I would love to extend the AeroCase line to include one that is a bit bigger so that it can hold an AeroPress and a grinder. I also plan on making an insert for the AeroPress cavity that can hold coffee grinds, and I would love to redesign the scooper and stir stick…why the hell are they two pieces?

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